Week of May 8th – 12th!!!

We are enter our final week of MAP testing this week.  We will test this Thursday and Friday for math MAP practice.  Here is our upcoming schedule:

Monday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, soccer practice

Tuesday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, soccer practice

Wednesday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, soccer game 5:30

Thursday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, MAP test (math)

Friday: read 20 minutes, spelling test, MAP test (math), mock Run-Walk run

Saturday: Hazelwood Run- Walk

Science: We will continue learning how animals/plants survive in wild.  This week we will focus on internal/external behavior cues as well as how animals use senses to help them get what they need to survive!

  1. Tiny Tap online game
  2. Animal Senses Matching Game
  3. Vertebrates/Invertebrates Video


Reading:  We will be close to finishing our novel, “Chomp” later this week.  We are reviewing figurative language including similes, metaphors, and idioms.  You can practice these below:

  1. Similes and Metaphors Bow and Arrow game
  2. Cannonball Cats
  3. Idioms Hold the Phone game

Spelling: Our words this week include prefixes: sub-, inter-, and fore-:











You can practice at Spelling City and Spelling Training.

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