Rules for Commenting

These rules sum up how I would like others to respond to our blogs. They were borrowed from

Think about your digital privacy:
•Use your first name only to identify yourself.
•Leave off your home email, your street address, phone number, or school name.
•Don’t share specifics of your daily routines that involve time and location (ie where & when your soccer practice is)

Think about the tone of your comment:
•Be polite, friendly, and encouraging.
•Have some humour, but be careful with sarcasm.
•If you disagree, don’t be rude about it; give constructive (helpful) feedback.

Think about the content of your comment:
•Keep your comment on topic and make sense. Say something about the original post.
•Don’t say random stuff or get really silly.
•Be more formal than you would in real life, but not stuffy.
•Avoid texting shortcuts like u for you and l8r for later, and only use one emoticon if you need to.
•Sometimes add a question at the end to keep the conversation going.
•Include your blog url (address) so the blogger knows where to find you.

Think about conventions of your comment:
•Try to fix your spelling mistakes: use Firefox for drafting your comments.
•Use capitals in the right places: people’s names, places, the beginning of a sentence, and on “I” –no evil i’s. All capitals is like yelling.
•Punctuate properly: period at the end of a sentence, space after a period, comma, or end bracket. One “!” will do: you don’t need a string of exclamation marks.
•Remember, you are putting your best self forward, so polish your comments.

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  1. Hey Mrs heckstetter, i just wanted to say 4th grade was the best and i just can’t wait to see you in 5th grade!:)

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