Week of May 1st – 5th!!!

Welcome to our last full month of school-May!!!  We have lots of fun events coming up, and we are also continuing MAP testing this week.

Monday: read 20 minutes, study spelling, soccer practice

Tuesday: read 20 minutes, study spelling, soccer practice

Wednesday: read 20 minutes, study spelling, soccer game 5:30

Thursday: read 20 minutes, study spelling, MAP testing

Friday: read 20 minutes, spelling test, Wildcat Assembly 2:50

Science: We have wrapped up learning about external structures that help animals, and are know moving on to internal structures: skeleton, muscles, organs, etc.  We will learn how these structures help animals find food, reproduce, and defend themselves.

  1.  Sorting Game
  2. Build a Skeleton game
  3. Animals by Skeleton game

Reading: We are still MAP testing this week, but will continue with our novel “Chomp”.  We are also going to practice making inferences and drawing conclusions with our reading this week.

  1. What Am I? game
  2. Drawing Conclusions Water Balloon game
  3. Rags to Riches game

Spelling: Our words this week include words with the prefixes dis- and non-:











You can practice your words at SpellingCity and Spelling Training.

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