Daily Schedule

8:50-9:50 science in room 6
9:50-10:05 recess

10:05-10:35 word study (spelling)/snack

10:35-11:35 writing/social studies in room 7

11:35-12:35 math in room 8
12:35-1:15 lunch/recess
1:15-1:30 restroom
1:30-2:25 specials
2:25-3:20 reading in homeroom
3:20-3:45 rti
3:45 dismissal






15 thoughts on “Daily Schedule

  1. Hi Mrs Heckstetter,

    Thanks for visiting our blog. I was looking at your schedule and I noticed that you only had half an hour for lunch. Is that the only break the students and teachers get for your full day?

    1. Our students get 15 minutes for lunch and 15 minutes of recess a day. We also have a ” special” area class (gym, music, art, or library) for 50 minutes a day. How long is your lunch period, and do you have any extra classes?

  2. Hey there again,

    Our day starts at 9.00am, we work until 11:30. The students have recess from 11:30-12:00. We then work from 12:00-1:40pm. The students have 10 minutes to eat their lunch inside and then go out for 50minutes (lunch). They come in at 2:40 and the end of the day is 3:30pm. I am a classroom teacher so I have the students all day except Tuesday when they go to music and PE (both 50minute sessions) so I get between recess and lunch on a Tuesday off for planning and the same on Thursday when the students go to Science and Art (both 50 minutes).

    Your day sounds like no time off – are they shorter in length than ours?

    Mrs Hazzledine

    1. Our day is very full. We attend class from 8:50 – 11:30. We then have 15 minutes of lunch and 15 minutes of recess. The students then have class from 12:00 – 1:10. We go to gym, art, or music every day from 1:10 -2:00 where I get to plan. The kids then have class again from 2:00 – 4:00.

  3. Hi

    Man you guys have a big day at school. We all feel sorry for you. How do you get through all the work? We get half an hour play time and an hour for lunch. Do you get tired throughout the day?


    1. Yes, we do have a big day at school. My students are at home today so I will reply for them. We get through all of the work by doing lots of cooperative learning tasks. We get out of our seats a lot, dance, share with other classmates, and do lots of projects (we don’t do many worksheets at all). In science class, all of our lessons are hands-on, we have no science text books. We are always conducting experiments, writing in our science notebooks, making projects, etc. During reading time, we read with the class, with partners, with small groups and journal a lot. We are very tired by the end of the day. When do you start school (date) and when does school end for you? This year we started school on August 14 and our last day is on May 23rd. Do you have breaks during the year? We get 14 days off in December and 7 days off in March.

      Mrs. Heckstetter

  4. I cant belive only 1.5 more days of science i will miss being in Mrs.heckstetter class for science 🙁

  5. Hey Mrs. Heckstetter, It’s Aubrey and i was in your class
    I was wondering since i wasn’t here on the last day of school and i was wondering what class i got in 5th Grade

  6. Hi Mrs.Heckstetter I miss 4th grade wish we could’ve had a full year of 4th grade in 2019-2020 and did all our fun Science things you guys had planned. But Middle school is pretty fun


    1. I am so happy you are enjoying middle school! I hated the way that school year ended! I wish we could have finished school together!

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