Week of December 11th – 15th!!!

Happy Last Week of School in 2023! We have lots of fun planned this week. Check out our schedule for important dates!
Monday: read 30 minutes, study spelling words, p.e., Ugly Sweater Day
Tuesday: read 30 minutes, study spelling words, library, Reindeer Antler Day, Bookmobile
Wednesday: read 30 minutes, study spelling words, music, K.I.S.S. Day 9:15-10:15, Jingle Bell Day
Thursday: read 30 minutes, study spelling words, p.e., Dress Like an Elf Day
Friday: read 30 minutes, spelling test, art, pajama day!

Reading: We will get back into our MyView reader this week (new book-you will get on Tuesday), and read a story called “Mama’s Window”. While reading this story, we will revisit the plot of the story going through the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. You can watch a video below to review:
1. Plot video
2. Plot Wheel of Fortune game
3. Rags to Riches game

Spelling: Our words this week are related words. The list includes:
1. breath
2. breathe
3. image
4. imagine
5. product
6. production
7. heal
8. health
9. triple
10. triplet

You can practice the words at Spelling City or Spelling Training.

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