Week of 11/13/23-11/17/23!!!

We continue to be so lucky to have some gorgeous weather outside! Our recesses have been so nice! Here is our schedule for the upcoming week:

Monday: read 20 minutes, study spelling, p.e.
Tuesday: read 20 minutes, study spelling, library
Wednesday: read 20 minutes, study spelling, music
Thursday: read 20 minutes, study spelling, p.e.
Friday: read 20 minutes, spelling test, art

ELA: We are starting our first chapter book this week called, “Frankie Sparks and the Classroom Pet”. To view a preview of the book visit the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K2X6VrLO78 Our vocabulary words for the week can be found in the slideshow: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1icspWvX1o1jjXl1DDClbXMFgTGFmlE_YaxyR2x47GHU/edit?usp=sharing We will also practice making text-to-self connections this week while reading the first 5 chapters. Text-self means you look for details in the story that remind you of something you have gone through or dealt with in real life. Students can practice below:
1. Making Connections game
2. Making Connections Video and Practice
3. Making Connections while Reading video

Spelling: This week our words include words with the Latin roots of -act, -rupt, and terr- Our words include:

You can practice at Spelling City and Spelling Training.

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