Week of September 11th – 15th!!!

Today, on Patriot Day, we remember the tragedy that occurred in our country 22 years ago.  We will forever remember the heroes that helped to protect our country, and lost their lives in the rescue operations.

Monday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, p.e.

Tuesday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, art, Girls on the Run practice 4-5:30, Ice Cream Social/PTA meeting 5-7:30

Wednesday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, p.e.

Thursday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, library

Friday: read 20 minutes, spelling test, Dot Day- wear polka dots, music

Reading: We are learning about a new type of print this week: magazine articles.  We will examine magazines, look for their special features such as headings and research, answer “who, what, when, where, why, and how” questions, and also discuss comparing and contrasting.  Our MyView story is about a set of identical twin astronauts who gather scientific data on how space effects the body differently than on Earth.  You can practice these skills at:

  1. Free Online Magazine Articles
  2. Compare and Contrast online quiz
  3. Compare and contrast online game

Spelling: This week our words follow the VCe pattern. They have a vowel followed by a consonant with a silent e.  Our words include:











You can review the words at Spelling City (website is currently down, will update later) and Spelling Training.

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