Week of April 24th – 28th!!

Can you believe this is our last week of school in April?  I feel like April just started.  Before we know it, May will be over also.  Here is a look at our week ahead:

Monday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, soccer practice, Honor Roll dinner

Tuesday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, soccer practice

Wednesday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, MAP TEST,  soccer game at 5:30

Thursday: read 20 minutes, study spelling words, MAP TEST

Friday: read 20 minutes, spelling test, Field trip to Powder Valley

Science: We are continuing our learning about animal and plant external structures that help them survive in the wild.  We will wrap this up on Wednesday and then begin learning about internal structures that help animals survive (bones, heart, lungs, brain, etc).

  1. Internal and External Jeopardy
  2. Internal and External Structures video
  3. Guess the Skeleton game
  4. Hopscotch Habitats video

Reading: This week we will have a shortened reading unit because we are MAP testing Wednesday and Thursday, plus the field trip on Friday.  We will look at how characters change over time while we read the “Chomp” novel in class.  Students will use a variety of organizers to organize their thoughts while reading.

  1. Character Change Khan video
  2. Analyzing Characters video
  3. Character Interactions video

Spelling: Our words this week are all multisyllabic words.  Our words include:











You can practice our words at Spelling City and Spelling Training.

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