Week of May 22nd – May 26th!!!

It is the last week of school!!! I can’t tell you how much I am going to miss this wonderful group of students after they move on to fifth grade. Every single one of them has contributed amazing ideas and insight into our classroom discussions, and made our class a better place to be. Here are the final important dates for this year:

Monday, May 22nd- Pillowcase Project presentation with the American Red Cross and storytelling presentation by Bobby Norfolk
Tuesday, May 23rd- Memory Book creation
Wednesday, May 24th- yearbooks will be going home, trivia contest
Thursday, May 25th- Talent Show at 2:45, classroom behavior party
Friday, May 26th- No Office Referral Party- 9:00, Move-Up Day at 9:30 (find out who your 5th grade teacher is), 10:30 classroom party

August 15th- 1st day of school next year!

ELA: This week we will be creating a Google Slideshow about owls! We finished the book “The Capture” last week about a group of owl who were kidnapped from their parents and taken to St. Aggie’s Orphanage to be put to work. The orphans were forced to help an evil group of owls who were trying to take over the kingdoms of owls who lived close. We learned about several types of owls while reading the book- Digging owls, Grey Owls, Barn Owls, etc. Students will choose one of the owl types from the book and create a presentation about that owl in the wild. We will end the week by watching the movie version of the book.
1. a website all about owls including fact games
2. Audubon fun facts about owls
3. All About Owls video

Science: This week we will focus on food chains in science. We will learn about the chain of energy that starts with the sun, moves to a plant, and then moves into animals. We will also learn some new vocabulary including producers, consumers, scavengers, and decomposers.
1. Food Chain Game
2. Food Chain Interactive Sites
3. Build a Food Chain

Summer Break

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