Week of January 14th-18th!!!

Wow! What a crazy Friday and weekend with all of that snow! I hope everyone was able to go outside and play in it. It was the perfect snow for building a snowman! Here are some important, upcoming dates:

*Report cards went home in Friday Folders last week. Please look them over and let me know if you have any questions!

Monday: read 20 minutes, reading log
Tuesday: read 20 minutes, reading log
Wednesday: read 20 minutes, reading log, early dismissal at 2:50
Thursday: read 20 minutes, reading log, Student Council meeting 8am
Friday: reading log due, Bookmobile

ELA: We are wrapping up our spelling words with sound patterns this week for the year with -utch words: hutch, clutch, crutch. We are starting our prefix/suffix spelling words. We will discuss words with the -ant/-ent (one who) suffix: servant, immigrant, assistant, merchant. We are also working on comparing and contrasting myths, legends, and traditional literature. This includes learning about some of the Greek gods and goddesses. We will also learn about what a theme is (main idea/lesson/idea of the story). Examples include good vs. bad, honesty, doing the right thing. Check out the practice activities:
1. Kid Heroes Theme Game
2. Which God are You Personality Quiz
3. Listen to Greek myths being told

Science: We are continuing our learning on what plants need to grow, and will learn about the major types of plants. We have 2 different plant growing experiments going in our classroom: Do plants need soil to grow? and What happens when you remove an item needed for plants to grow (water, light, air)? We can’t wait to share our results. Check out these practice activities:
1. What Plants Need interactive game
2. Seed Survivor Game
3. Nonflowering Plants Video and Practice Quiz

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