Week of January 7th-11th!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I had such a wonderful winter break with my family full of rest, relaxation, and yummy food! I hope you did also! Here are some upcoming important dates:

Monday: 20 minutes reading
Tuesday: 20 minutes reading, reading log
Wednesday: 20 minutes reading, reading log
Thursday: 20 minutes reading, reading log
Friday: reading log due, Wildcat Assembly 2:45, popcorn 25 cents, wear black/gold!

Reading: We are starting our third quarter with some beginning of the unit assessments. Students will be completing a pre-test on some skills we will be working on so that we can evaluate their progress over the course of the quarter, as well as their January Evaluate test. On Friday, students will be introduced to the genre of myths and legends in order to prepare for our lessons next week. Our new spelling words include words with the -unch sound pattern (lunch, crunch, punch, bunch, brunch, and hunch) and the -urse sound pattern (curse, purse, and nurse). Check out the following practice activities:
1. Greek City
2. Adventures in Ancient Greece
3. Athens

Science: Students received their science tests on the first day back. I was very happy with the overall scores! Ask them how they did. The tests will be in the hall if they scored an A or B, or in Friday folders for all other grades. We are starting our new unit on plants and animals called: From Sun to Food. This week we will focus on what makes something living or non-living, as well as collecting and analyzing evidence to explain the source of new mass in plants. Check out the following activities:
1. Living Versus Nonliving
2. Sorting Living and Nonliving
3. How Plants Grow

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