Week of December 3rd – 7th!!

We had an amazing time on our Arch field trip last Friday! Check out the main page to see pictures from it. Here are some upcoming important dates coming up:

Monday: read 20 minutes
Tuesday: read 20 minutes
Wednesday: read 20 minutes
Thursday: read 20 minutes, field trip to Missouri Botanical Gardens
Friday: reading log, Bookmobile, popcorn day 25 cents, Wildcat Assembly at 2:45 pm

ELA: This week we will focus on spelling words with the -ough (slough and rough) and -owse (browse, dowse, drowse) sound patterns. Our spelling test is on the 14th. We are also working on completing our December Evaluate test and learning all about analogies. An analogy is a comparison of two objects. Check out the following practice websites:

1. Awesome Analogies Game
2. Fill in the Missing Blank Analogies Game
3. Analogies video

Science: We are continuing our lessons on simple machines this week with practice building and using them. We are learning that a simple machine reduces the amount of work/effort needed to move an object. Check out the following practice activities:

1. Simple Machines Video and Rap
2. Simple Machines Interactive Site
3. Simple Machines Online Glossary

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