Week of November 26th-30th!!!

Welcome to the last week of November. I am sorry that I didn’t update the website last week, but we had such a short week, and I ran out of time :)! Here are some upcoming important events:

Monday- read 20 minutes
Tuesday- read 20 minutes, Dairy Queen night from 4-8 pm
Wednesday- read 20 minutes
Thursday- read 20 minutes
Friday- reading logs due for those who have them, last day to take Reading Counts quiz for November, FIELD TRIP to the arch **bring sack lunch
**Missouri Botanical Gardens field trip permission form due on Friday. Parents are allowed to attend if they are a level 1 volunteer.

***Student council is collecting boxed foods this week and next week for the Hazelwood food pantry.

ELA: We will review the same sound patterns this week for our spelling quiz on Thursday (moved up due to field trip). We are working on learning text features in nonfiction text this week. These are all of the extra things authors add to their books to share important information such as the glossary, bold words, photographs, etc. check out these practice websites:

1. Identify the Text Features Game
2. Text Features Memory Game
3. Text Features Jeopardy

Science: This week we will begin a new section of our forces unit on simple machines. There are 6 types of simple machines: wedge, wheel and axle, inclined plane, lever, pulley, and a screw. These are used to make doing work simpler and with less effort. Check out these practice pages:

1. Simple Machines Game
2. Fantastic Contraption
3. Powerplay Game

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